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Installations designing services
Alyates Design proiectare si consultanta in instalatii pentru constructii
Alyates Design proiectare instalatii termice, electrice si sanitare si consultanta pentru constructii


ALYATES DESIGN s.r.l. offers its clients professional services to design heating, electrical and sanitary for different types of buildings.

Projects may be done both for all stages of design (PAC - Draft for authorization to construct, PT - The technical project, DE - project of execution details), and only one of the phases, depending on customer needs. The projects are developed according to the client's request, the placement plan for constructions and buildings, the architectural design and the approvals obtained for construction and include a written part and a drawing part.

The price of designing is measured for sqm of construction, and the value per sqm varies a lot depending on the following:

  • Destination of building;
  • Size of the building;
  • Requirements imposed on the property.

To get a firm price, depending on the variables above on the basis of negotiation, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.


Our company also offers to customers consulting services in the field of building installations and provides solutions for construction investment.

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