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Installations designing services
Alyates Design proiectare si consultanta in instalatii pentru constructii
Alyates Design proiectare instalatii termice, electrice si sanitare si consultanta pentru constructii


ALYATES DESIGN performed until now more than 200 projects for heating, electrical and plumbing installations for various types of civil or industrial constructions.

We present below installation projects for offices:

  • Investment: Head office and service computers, Voluntari Pipera, Ilfov
  • Project: HVAC Installations
  • Customer: Montecristo Impex ltd
  • Investment: Office building P+2E, Bragadiru, Ilfov county
  • Project: HVAC installations
  • Investment: Building P+3E, intended for offices and housing, 5 M. Petrescu street, Bucharest
  • Project: Heating, electrical & sanitary installations
  • Investment: Building S+P+2E bound for offices, shops and housing - Bucharest
  • Project: Heating installations
  • Investment: Office building P+1E, Bucharest
  • Project: HVAC equipment, electrical and plumbing
  • Customer: Crimbo Gas ltd
  • Investment: Building S+P+4E for offices and housings
  • Project: Heating, air conditioning and plumbing
  • Customer: Nemesis Construct ltd
  • Investment: Head office ADR SV Oltenia, Craiova, Dolj county
  • Project: HVAC equipment

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